WordPress makes you sad.
But you could be happy.

Easy to Use

WordPress is so widely adopted and simple, anyone can use it. Anyone can understand it.

Easy to Install

WordPress runs on Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP. Every web host supports those. Install is easy!

It's Cheap!

For just a few bucks worth of plugins, you can have WordPress up and running and ready to use.

Not Secure

A WordPress site is hacked every 7 minutes. To prevent this, much has to be done to harden it's security.


The WordPress ecosystem is so vast that you can easily get lost in a sea of plugins and developers.

Hard to Customize

WordPress's codebase is old. It can be customized, but the result is brittle and error-prone.

Easy to Use.

You like WordPress because it feels easy to use. That was an accident. WordPress was a blogging tool that accidentally became a CMS.

Any CMS worth your time is designed from the ground up to be dead simple to use. Updating your site's content should be so easy it's a pleasure.

Easy to Install

WordPress is a LAMP stack tool. Any web host running Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP can serve WordPress.

Any other CMS you would consider should be installable in 5 minutes or less.

It's Cheap

WordPress is cheap. It's so cheap it's free!

Any modern CMS should be inexpensive or free. And if you are a team running a business critical website, a $299 license fee is also cheap. Is it not?

Safe and Secure

WordPress may never be rewritten for true security. Can you take the risk?

Your CMS should be built from the ground up for security by a team with decades of experience.

Simple and Clean

Your CMS codebase should be clean and easy to work with. So too should the control panel and templating language.

WordPress? Not so much. Open up any WordPress system file and you will quickly get lost in layers of legacy code.

Easy to Customize

Your CMS should be conceived and built from the very beginning to be extensible. Developers building mission critical sites for clients find that at every turn, a CMS should be ready for their customization needs.

Although customizations to WordPress can be hacked together. The result is fragile and difficult to maintain and understand.

What people are saying...

Margaret E.

"I work all day managing content on my company's website. WordPress made it a chore. Craft CMS makes it a pleasure."

Fred S.

"Our WordPress site was hacked like 3 times in a year. My boss told me to find an alternative. Craft CMS was it!"

Sarah W.

"We needed to connect our e-commerce site to a new payment gateway. Craft CMS was so easy to customize and extend. We were done in days."

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